Data Brew, it's here to help

First off it is free with no hidden costs and to run your own Data Brew campaign will always be free.

Launching your own Data Brew campaign is not just a good idea to save on engagement costs - there are a host of reasons why you should get involved:

Newbie? No problem

It's a great way to learn more about the process from a total beginner standpoint.

You keep the data

It's yours, but we do ask you to offer relection on your learning to help other projects.

Social good

Data Brew is a not for profit resource for change makers, like you we are trying to make the world a better place.

Monitor social trends

What is happening in regards to hyperlocal social trends, use Data Brew to make lives better.

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Why did we start Data Brew?

Data Brew as set up between two organisations who share a passion for developing communities, we do have a paid for service but on the most part it's free to use and altruistic.

  • Why did you put in so much work for free?

    Data Brew is a labour of love and builds on our passion for open data and community development, above all we are collective of social activists.

  • Who is behind it?

    It's 100% volunteer led and it was set up altruistically by a not-for-profit civic systems design agency called New Union ( and Moseley Community Development Trust ( a charity that is focused on community led solutions.

    We are a collective of data activists who are passionate about providing opportunities with open data and digital engagement to promote third sector growth, capacity and community resilience.

  • What do you want it to achieve?

    We hope Data Brew can support people who are seeking to make change, have little or no funds and want to use digital solutions.


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