Civic technology and open data has the possibility to hand over the power of influence to the community who live in our neighbourhoods, but do normal people really understand this and is it even important that they do?

Right here in the UK we recently had the Brexit referendum and one of the standout statements from the then Conservative Secretary of State for Justice Michael Gove saying "people are sick of experts" - follow that by Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn bringing up digital democracy on social media to be met with confusion by the media.

As the political parties across the globe start to realise the power of initiatives such as this, it's important we campaign as a collective to ensure the right forms of communication are used to ensure our movement is not harmed by the politicising

Data Brew feels it has a duty to ensure that not only data is accessible to people but they also understand they can use it to make change, but first we believe more outreach needs to be made to the people who live in our streets. We believe there is some fantastic work being done in the industry, so we not only want to champion your work but we want to ask your views on the subject.

Over the next few months, we'll be releasing content ranging from video interviews, vblogs and written articles - we'll be speaking to civic tech pioneers around the world to local community leaders.

How can you get involved?

Tip us off about a fantastic open data project that is doing amazing things with the local community - we are interested in straightforward non-gobblygook jargon that is really getting people on board.

Join our blogging team and share your opinions about best practice within open data. Document your experience, success stories and more importantly failures.

Hold your own consultation event in your community or the people you work with. We will supply you with all the resources you need and the mechanisms to collect the data.

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