iSandwell Commissioning Group Membership

Help make change in the Sandwell region

How do you believe we should harness the power of digital to improve the lives of people that live in Sandwell?

iSandwell is an innovative new project co-owned by the local community and Sandwell Council that looks to use digital innovation and support the growth of better communication with citizens - alongside offer support to local organisations and improve digital community development best practice in the area.

Over the next 6 months, a listening project will be rolled out in the attempt to find out what are the digital needs from the people who live in our neighbourhoods. This will encompass a series of activities and recruiting a cohort of digital champions that will populate content for the project.

This is a fantastic opportunity to have a seat at the table to not only craft the future of the initiative with your decisions but ultimately take ownership of iSandwell.

What is the difference between a steering and commissioning group?

We want to create new relationships from this project that helps to improve the chance of winning tenders and bringing new opportunities into the area, you can write new tenders as a collective with support from the council if you wish but you have no obligation to have us as a partner, hence the use of the word “commissioning” - at some point the group will also be the decision making process of how the project is funded.

But essentially this is the steering group of the project and you will be an important part of directing iSandwell.

What benefits do you get?

- A senior role in steering the project forward

- An opportunity to involve yourself and make important decisions that affect everybody in the area

- The ability to craft the project and next steps

- Be the first to learn about training opportunities that will benefit your organisation

- Enhance the ability to form relationships surrounding tender power and improve the chances of winning bids, including the first to hear about potential digital inclusion funding opportunities

- You will learn about new practices such as smart cities, civic technology

- Membership to an offical Council group you can add to your CV or profiles

Who are we looking for?

You do not need to be a digital expert but we do want you to be passionate about community development in Sandwell with an open mind how digital can support neighbourhoods in the region.

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